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Mark Porretta Excavating Inc. offers a wide range of excavating services. 

  • Septic system installations including traditional, raised bed, and Presby systems

  • Drainage, including wet basements and lawns. 

  • Curtain drains, french drains, gutter downspout conductor lines, swales

  • Grading/regrading

  • ​Catch basin installation/repair

  • Piers/Footers

  • Water line installation/replacement

  • Sewer line installation/replacement

  • Motocross track design and build​

  • Sitework for additions, polebarns, etc.

  • Concrete


Mark Porretta Excavating Inc. is ready to meet all of your plumbing needs. We are fully insured.


Mark Porretta Excavating Inc. offers a full line of trenchless pipe replacement and repair services. Don't destroy your lawn and driveway, go trenchless!

  • Pipe Lining, Pipe Bursting

  • Repair or replace your damaged pipe without digging up lawn, foundation, driveway, or landscape

  • Completely replace or upsize  your existing pipe without digging up your lawn, driveway, or landscape​

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