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Our Sewer Camera and Inspection Equipment

Rochester's first choice for residential video sewer inspection and locating services...



Wish you had X-ray vision to be able to see underground? Curious to know what is causing problems in your sewer line? Our equipment can pinpoint your problem down to the inch.

Mark Porretta Excavating offers a full line of sewer and drain video inspection services. We have focused our services toward residential but also work with municipalities. We come highly recommended from local sewer districts such as FWSD. Our equipment has high resolution, crystal clear picture, and the most accurate locating capabilities available. We can determine where your problem lies, how deep it is, and offer the best solution to permanently fix your issue. We have multiple sewer cameras for different applications. See what is in your pipeline with your own eyes! We offer a complete recording of all our video sewer inspections. Before you spend your money using Rooter franchises with huge overhead, consider letting us provide you with our professional services!

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