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​An earth friendly way to replace and repair pipe​

New advances in technology make it possible to repair a damaged pipe without digging or exposing the pipe. It is also possible to pull a new pipe through an old existing pipe without digging a trench. This technology is known as "No Dig" or "Trenchless" pipe rehabilitation. Mark Porretta Excavating Inc. now offers a full line of trenchless pipe repair and replacement services. Contact your Rochester plumbers today for a free quote! 

Pipe Bursting is the most effective form of trenchless pipe replacement. Using a pipe bursting machine, we can replace any existing pipe in the ground with a brand new pipe without digging a trench. It is also possible to upsize a pipe using the same method. This is the recomended way of replacing pipe when the pipe lays under lawns or landscape or pavement.

Pipe Bursting

In situations where there is no existing pipe in the ground, piercing tools are used. These are sometimes refered to as missiles or moles. This method bores a hole in the ground which a pipe can be pulled through. These are common when the desired path of a pipe or utility line is under a no-dig area.

Underground Piercing

Pipe Lining

Trenchless Pipe lining  is a a cured in place pipe . This method uses a resin-saturated felt tube made of polyester, fiberglass cloth suitable for resin impregnation, is inverted or pulled from access point. If there is root intrusion or a simple crack in the pipe, pipe lining is the way to go!

No Dig or Trenchless technology saves time, money, and the environment!
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