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Welcome to our latest projects page! Check out         some of the latest videos of our quality work. ​​

We did all the site work for a new pole barn. After the barn was built we installed a french drain system around the building. We also prepared the trench drain inside the pole barn. We poured concrete inside and outside the barn and then sealed it. The concrete on the inside was five inches thick reinforced with steel. The pitch from the center drain to the walls was three inches. 

​Using our dig-less pipe bursting equipment we were able to replace an old cast iron sewer line without destroying the homeowners lawn and driveway. This saved the homeowner time, money, and no mess to clean up. This sewer line was replaced in Canandaigua, NY

This is a video compilation of some jobs that were completed in the spring and summer of 2012. Included in the video are as follows: Sewer lateral tie-in in Victor, Pipe bursting in Palmyra, Drainage in Webster, and a perimeter drain. 

Mark Porretta Excavating Inc. just recently completed this large project for the Granger Homestead in Canandaigua, NY. We fixed the major drainage issues that caused the front lawn area to fill up with standing water. This became an issue when they held their annual festivals. We corrected the grade, installed a perimeter french drain, new water  and electric services, while at the same time trying to preserve the integrity of Granger Homestead's natural 1900's colonial look. 

We used a pneumatic piercing tool known as a "missile" to install waterline under a driveway in Victor, NY. This method allows the driveway to remain unharmed. Our Trenchless truck is fully equipped for many no-dig applications. 

We fixed a stream that had been eroding a bank away that was near a house in Penfield, NY. First we diverted the water so we could work in dry conditions. We then redefined the stream and moved it away from the house by several feet. We then installed filter fabric and rip rap stone. The results were outstanding.

We completed a large drainage project in Honeoye, NY. This included regrading near the foundation, adding gutter conductor lines, tying in a sump pump, and a percolation drain to slow down storm water leaving the homeowners property. We also used a missile to go under the driveway.

We recently completed the reconstruction of a green at the Canandaigua Country Club. The entire process took several days and the results were exceptional. A great deal of drainage was placed under the green and great care was given to follow the exact slope percentages specified by the engineer. 

Coming soon!

We worked with the American Legion Post in Shortsville to install a new sewer line. The sewer project included 3 manholes, connecting the Sunoco gas station and the American Legion Post 34 into public sewer. This project included running over 1,000 feet of pipe.

Thanks for watching! More videos coming soon!

​Our Rochester excavating division installed new catch basins at Fairport Boces parking lot because the old catch basins were falling apart. We used our sewer jetter and sewer camera verify the condition of the corregated pipe. We found that the pipe connecting these two catch basins was very old, brittle, and filled with holes. The next phase of this job was to install new 12 and 15 inch culvert pipes.

The experts in our Rochester Excavating team installed a traditional septic system in Palmyra, NY. When the homeowner had purchased the house a couple of years ago he wasn't told that the septic system did not work. The reason the septic system failed is because the leach lines were 3 feet below ground. There is no way to repair a system when this is the case. We did a percolation test on the soil and found that it was very sandy topsoil which is perfect for leach fields.

The professionals in our Rochester excavating team installed a new septic tank and leach field. It was a Presby Environmental raised bed sand system. This is a more cost effective and environmentally friendly septic system than standard raised bed sand systems. Raised bed systems are only necessary when the natural soil has a poor percolation rate.

Our Rochester trenchless division installed 240 feet of HDPE 17 pipe using a pipe bursting machine. This allows us to pull a new pipe through the ground in place of an old pipe without digging a trench. We chose this method because the sewer lateral we were replacing was in very bad shape, and it ran directly under a series of mobile homes. Using this method we were able to replace the entire sewer line without tunneling under each home, and leaving the lawns undisturbed.

The Rochester excavating division just replaced existing gutter drainage lines. The condition of the pipe was damaged beyond repair, and roots had grown into about 10 feet of the pipe. We installed gasketed SDR-35 pipe which is impervious to root intrusion.

Our excavation team lowered an existing catch basin at HD Supply in Rochester NY because the storm water wasn't able to fall into the basin due to poor grade. We cut down the catch basin with a concrete chain saw and then re poured the surrounding area.

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